Support Our Travel Teams and the Triple Crown Series

Oakcliff is Building American Leaders Through Sailing

With your support we will be able to truly improve the lives of America's sailors. These individuals arrive at Oakcliff hungry to learn, eager to work hard and with a raw talent that we help form into champions on the water, on shore and eventually in the board room. There are many programs that you can donate to in order to help one of the many areas of need.


Travel Teams:

Oakcliff has trained saplings, acorns and supporters and now it is time for them to go forth and compete on a national and international level.  Your donation will help facilitate the basic needs of travel and entry fees and the recipients promise to represent your contribution well with hard work, incremental improvements as they climb up to the winners podium.

Your donation can provide:

  • $500 - team uniforms
  • $2500 - entry fee for a world tour event
  • $2500 - dockage for away regatta's
  • $3000 - a coach for an event
  • $5000 - plane travel for an away regatta



You donation can support these travel teams:

Offshore Team

In 2011 the Oakcliff All American Offshore Team raced fro Annapolis to Newport to England and around Fastnet Rock. Each race they improved results finishing 3rd in the Fastnet.  Two of these graduates, Mark Towill and Charlie Enright went on to do two Volvo Ocean Races!  In 2013 Sapling graduates got togther to form a team to race in the Farr 40 Worlds.  They were the youngest team ever to compete with the whole team coming in at under 25 years of age.  This endeavor required that they use every Oakcliff skill from marketing to wet sanding and of course sailing.  You can choose to donate to future Offshore Stars. 

Click the button below to choose to donate to this young and determined team!


The Oakcliff Triple Crown Series

The Oakcliff Triple Crown Series in a series of 3 regattas per season for 470 Mens and Womens, 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17.  A pool of up to $500,000.00 in prize grants, is awarded to top finishers each season.


Build the Fund!

Build the fund for graduates. It was suggested that we call our graduates 'Mighty Oaks'. We aren't going to go that far but they will be mighty and going on to do great things.  By contributing to this fund you will help us to have funds available to help them with entry fees and some travel costs ensuring that they will be able to put their newly learned skills to use.





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